CODMn Portable Colorimeter
NAME:CODMn Portable Colorimeter
  •    CODMn  is a single fixed wavelength spectrophotometer, which adopt the principle of spectrophotometry to measure the parameters. In the instrument, the linear curves of the concentration of different parameters and the absorbance were established, and the concentration of the water samples was obtained through the identification of the color.It can be used to determine the detection of COD (KMnO4) in drinking water and the concentration is read directly.Widely used in water plant, food, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection and pharmaceutical industry.

    What is cod

       What does cod mean and what is cod? Full English name of cod: chemical oxygen demand. Cod is a chemical method to measure the amount of reducing substances that need to be oxidized in water samples. The oxygen equivalent of substances (generally organic matter) that can be oxidized by strong oxidants in wastewater, effluent from wastewater treatment plant and polluted water. In the study of river pollution and industrial wastewater properties and the operation and management of wastewater treatment plant, it is an important and fast determination of organic pollution parameters, often expressed by the symbol cod.

    Determination method of COD rapid detector

       There are five methods for COD determination: dichromate method, potassium permanganate method, spectrophotometry (chromium method), rapid digestion method, spectrophotometry (manganese method). The spectroscope (MN) is used in the rapid determination instrument of COD.

    Application scenarios of COD detector

       Ga-cod cod detector can quickly and accurately determine COD in surface water, groundwater, urban sewage and industrial wastewater, and the concentration can be read directly. It can be widely used in water plant, food, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection and pharmaceutical industry.

    Which cod detector is good

       Which cod detector is good, which brand of COD detector is good? It has the advantages of high detection speed, low price, accurate measurement, portable and easy to carry, and package mail. The domestic menu in Chinese is simple and easy to use.

  •   1.small and beautiful, easy to carry, work stable,a high performance-price ratio
      2. Microcomputer system configuration, touch keyboard, LCD crystal clear display.
      3. This instrument adopts the photoelectric colorimetric principle of spectrophotometry, which is simple to operate. The sample is put into the reagent for a few minutes to read, and the repeatability error is less than or equal to plus or minus 2%.
      4. The instrument adopts high strength long life light source and the light source is stable.
      5. The main engine is equipped with a large power battery, which can be used for quantitative measurement in the field, and can work for 6 hours continuously.
      6. The calibration curves within the range of the instrument are stored in the instrument, with the protection of power failure, the calibration data will not be lost.
      7. Power supply mode: 220V, 50HZ;Dimensions (mm) : 250 x 145 x 60;Weight (kg) : 1.0.