Platinum-Cobalt Standard Colorimetric Method for Detecting Water Color

The chromaticity of water quality is an indicator when the color of natural water or various treated water is quantitatively measured. The color of water indicates that it has been polluted to a certain degree, and the quantitative degree of color is chro

time:2021/2/5 17:11:20

Points to note when detecting sodium ions in water

Everyone knows that when measuring some water quality, the results are often affected by many factors. Therefore, if the inspector wants to improve the accuracy of the measurement result, he must master the problems that need attention in the operation in

time:2021/7/30 9:52:46

Detection method of sodium ion in water

There are many methods for detecting sodium ions in water, such as atomic absorption spectrophotometry, static method, etc. Among them, the atomic absorption method is suitable for the determination of sodium 5-500mg/L water samples. The main principle is

time:2021/7/28 10:49:59

Internal electrolysis method to detect dissolved oxygen in water

In a medium with a pH of 9, indigo sodium disulfonate is electrolyzed by a galvanic cell composed of porous silver particles and zinc particles to form a reduced yellow substance. When this substance meets the dissolved oxygen in the water, it will be oxi

time:2021/7/26 10:20:59

Detection method of hydrazine content in water

Under acidic conditions, hydrazine reacts with dimethylaminobenzaldehyde to produce yellow azo compounds. The depth of yellow is proportional to the content of hydrazine within the measurement range. Generally, the absorption wavelength of azo compounds i

time:2021/7/20 9:30:35

The steps of phenol photometric method for detecting ammonia content in water

The principle of phenol to detect the concentration of ammonia in water is very simple. Under the coexistence of hypochlorite ions, ammonia and phenol will react into a dark blue compound-indophenol blue. We only need to measure its absorbance to get the

time:2021/7/16 10:26:36

Problems that need to be paid attention to when testing water hardness

Hardness is one of the basic parameters of water, and we cannot completely remove it in practical applications. Water of different hardness will have a certain impact when used. For example, if the hardness of domestic drinking water is too high, it will

time:2021/7/14 14:55:08

Points to note when detecting soluble silicon in water

I have introduced you to the detection steps of soluble silicon in water before, but there are some things you need to pay attention to when performing related operations, otherwise it will easily cause some unnecessary troubles. Today we will summarize f

time:2021/7/12 14:19:22

Steps of complexometric titration to detect calcium ions in water

Calcium ion is a common inorganic salt in water, and it and magnesium ion are also important components of water hardness. For example, the white precipitate formed when water is boiled is actually caused by calcium and magnesium ions in the water. Theref

time:2021/7/8 9:32:46

Method for detecting soluble silicon in water by molybdenum blue colorimetry

There are many substances in natural water bodies. Among them, inorganic silicon is one of the relatively complex inorganic substances. It exists in the form of colloidal silicon and dissolved silicon, and various forms of silicon can be transformed into

time:2021/7/6 9:07:19