GA-ZSD Portable Colorimeter
NAME:GA-ZSD Portable Colorimeter
  •   GA-ZSD can be used to test suspended solids parameters. Easy and fast to operate, just added reagents after zero calibration , and then to complete the measurement by reading. It can be widely used in city water supply, sewage treatment factory,pure water,beverage factory, food factory, environmental protection departments, industrial water, and epidemic prevention departments, urban water supply,the environment, health care, chemical, pharmaceutical, aquaculture, biotechnology, fermentation process, textile, petrochemical, water treatment and other areas for fast test and laboratory standard test of water quality. 

        GA-ZSD is a single fixed wavelength spectrophotometer, which adopt the principle of spectrophotometry to measure the parameters. In the instrument, the linear curves of the concentration of different parameters and the absorbance were established, and the concentration of the water samples was obtained through the identification of the color.

    What is chromaticity

          The color of water quality is an index for quantitative determination of color of natural water or treated water. Clean natural water is colorless and transparent when the water layer is shallow, and light blue when the water depth is deep; if there are impurities in the water body, the water will show different colors. For example, clay can make water yellow; plant organic matter dissolved in water makes water light yellow or even brown yellow; algae in water appear green; iron oxide can make water brown; sulfur
    The chemical can make the water light blue, and the water polluted by industry presents various colors.
          Natural water often shows different colors such as light yellow, light brown or yellow green, which is caused by humus, organic or inorganic substances dissolved in water. In addition, when the water body is polluted by industrial wastewater, it will show different colors. These colors can be divided into true colors and surface colors. True color is caused by dissolved substances in water, that is, the color after removing suspended solids in water. Surface color is the color produced when suspended solids in water are not removed.
          The color of water indicates that it has been polluted to a certain extent. The colored water will affect people's psychology and make people feel unhappy. For industrial water, it will also reduce the quality of products.
          The quantitative degree of color is chromaticity, the standard unit of chromaticity: degree; the color equivalent to 1mg platinum in 1L water in the form of chloroplatinic acid ion is defined as one color unit, which is called degree 1.
          Water for various purposes has certain requirements for chromaticity: for example, the chromaticity of drinking water in China is required to be less than 15 degrees, and no other color is allowed; the chromaticity requirement of dyeing water is less than 5 degrees; the chromaticity requirement of water for textile industry is less than 10-12 degrees; the color requirement of water for paper industry is less than 15-30 degrees.

    Detection method of color of water quality

           Platinum drill standard colorimetry is a national standard method for the detection of drinking water and environmental water quality. It is suitable for clean water, slightly polluted water with yellow color, such as surface water, groundwater and drinking water. For the surface water and industrial wastewater with serious pollution, it is difficult to determine the color of water by platinum cobalt standard colorimetry due to its complex color. Generally, dilution multiple method can be used to determine the color of water.

  •   GA-ZSD Portable Colorimeter parameters:

          1.Microcomputer system configuration, touch-type keyboard, LCD backlit display, clearly displaying date, time, measurement value and measurement unit.

      2.  photoelectric colorimetric principle, Easy and fast to operate, just added reagents after zero calibration , and then to complete the measurement by reading.
      3.High strength longlife lamp, lamp stability
      4.  Built-in Thermal Printer, printing out measurement results and measure time clearly
      5.  light source automatically switching according to users’requirements , repeatability error:≤±2%
      6. Equipped with a high-power battery, it can be used in field measurement and can work for 8 hours continuously.
      7.The instrument has a calibration curve in the full range, with power protection, calibration data will not be lost
      8.Power supply:220V,50HZ,size(mm):475×335×175;weight(kg):6.0